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Odd and Even Numbers

We have created a free collection of work for odd and even numbers is designed for your math class.

Odd and Even Number ActivitiesTo introduce this concept of odd and even numbers, we talk about even numbers being the sum of two equal numbers.  Or, you can say the parts of an even number can be divided into two equal groups. Odd numbers can be taught as numbers that cannot be grouped into two equal parts.  You might say there is an “odd man out.”

Stand Up/ Sit Down  This is a simple game that requires no preparation.  After reviewing odd and even numbers, give the students a number.  Instruct them to stand up if the number is even and sit down if the number is odd.  For added practice, have a volunteer explain how he or she knows the number is odd or even.

Post-It Notes   Write a number on enough Post-It notes for every student in the class.  Give each student a note.  Create two sections on the board labeled odd and even.  Have a group at a time place their number in the correct category.

You will find the downloadable resources we have created below. Just click on the bold words to download each file.

As this is an older set of resources, each is provided in a separate download.

100s chart / Even Number Focus       in black and white

100s chart / Odd Number Focus         in black and white

Number Sort   Printable Recording Page   Colorful Number Cards   Print the cards in color, laminate and cut.  Students determine if each number is odd or even.  You can have students record their answers on the recording page.

Roll the Dice  Give students two number cubes.  Students roll the dice and create a two digit number.  You can have the students use the recording page from the Number Sort above to record if each number is odd or even.

Practice Booklet – print the just right pages for your students and create a booklet for independent practice or review