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Generic Exit Tickets for Grades 1, 2 & 3

Exit Tickets for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grades by The Curriculum CornerWe LOVE the idea of using exit tickets as a way to assess student learning – these are great for all ages!  We’ve created a collection of tickets that will hopefully meet your classroom needs.   For some lessons, you may allow students to choose from a collection of possibilities.  For other lessons, you may choose the one that you would like completed.  Because many teachers like to create a display of exit tickets, we created our smaller tickets with no spot for student names.  Instead, we suggest having students write their names on the back.  For the larger tickets that will most likely not be displayed, we did include a spot for student names.  Use these tickets for open ended questions or give students a specific task to complete that goes with the lesson.  For example, after a math lesson on numbers that make 10, have students use the 4 box ticket to write four ways they can make 10.

Empty box

Empty box (apple design)

2 boxes

4 boxes

8 boxes

1 line (with room for a drawing)

2 lines

3 lines

Chart with 2 columns

Chart with 3 columns

Fact & opinion

What I learned today

I wonder…

Your ticket out the door (lined)

Your ticket out the door (blank)


You will find a few different exit ticket options on our 456 site:  Exit Tickets 


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