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Addition & Subtraction Word Problems

Help students strengthen their ability to solve addition and subtraction word problems with this collection of resources. 

addition and subtraction word problems

This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

If you are getting ready to help your students learn how to solve addition and subtraction word problems, start here.

Working on Addition & Subtraction Word Problems

Within this set, we have included whole class and independent activities. 

Key Word Sort for Addition & Subtraction Word Problems

Help students begin to recognize the key words used in word problems.

Set up this activity by cutting apart the words. Then, work with the students to create an anchor chart to display in the classroom. When completed, place at a math center where students will be working on solving problems.

You can also print the words for sorting on card stock and then laminate. After cutting apart the words, allow students to sort the words at a practice center.

Follow up this sorting activity with our practice page for review. 

Create Your Own Problems

Use the number and word cards to create this activity. After printing in color and laminating, students will choose one card from each stack. We have included different number sets so you can provide what works for your students or let them choose. 

Once students have chosen a card from each stack, they will write their own word problems. They can then solve the problem on the recording page.

Practice Pages

There are four practice pages. Each page contains six word problems for problem solving practice. The first two pages contain single digit problems. Pages three and four contain double digit numbers.

You can download this collection in one single download here:
Word Problem Resources

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