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Adventure Find a Fact Multiplication Games

These adventure multiplication games are designed to offer multiplication fact practice in a fun and engaging format!

FREE Adventure Multiplication Games from The Curriculum Corner

We are always looking for new ways to help students with math fact fluency. We created this set of games to meet that need in classrooms or for at home practice! The adventure theme also makes these perfect for adding a little fun to math fact practice.

FREE 12 games Adventure Find a Fact Multiplication Games from The Curriculum Corner

These 12 free adventure themed games are designed to give your students practice with multiplication facts.  They are divided into 0s-5s, 0s-10s and 0s-12s with four different themes.   These multiplication fact games will make for a good math center or at home practice with a parent.

We have included sets with a superhero, space, Western and pirate theme

To play, students need a partner and crayon. Children take turns finding and color three boxes to form a fact.  The board is designed for facts to be found up, down, forwards and backwards.  The final child to color a fact is the winner.

Even though it is not necessary, we like to have each partner choose a different color. This way we can go back and check fact accuracy if we are worried about a particular student. If you plan on doing this, have students write their names in the color they used at the top of the paper. We would not collect and grade this game but use it as math fact mastery evidence if needed for a given student.

Another option for repeated game play is to print on white or color card stock and laminate for durability. Provide students with dry erase or vis-a-vis markers to play.

The collection of adventure multiplication games can be downloaded here:  Find a Fact Multiplication Collection

You might also be interested in our multiplication facts timed test collection:  Timed Tests.  This post also includes links to additional free multiplication games provided by The Curriculum Corner.

Thank you to Pretty Grafik Design on Etsy for the fun clip art!

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