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Apple Photo Prompts

Help your students engage in writing with the help of this free Apple Photo Prompt Set. 

apple photo prompt set

This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

As always, this apple photo prompt set has been created to be used in your classroom. You may print and copy for your own classroom. You do not have permission to sell or modify and sell the resources we have created.

This is a piece of our apples collection for your classroom.

This apples photo prompt set contains the following

  • Apples themed photos with word banks
  • The same photos without word banks
  • Apples word bank (full color and with a white background to help you save color ink)
  • 12 story prompts to spark ideas 
  • Lined pages for writing 

The photo prompts can be printed on card stock and laminated for durability. Or, display the photo of your choice on your smart board. You can choose the one with or without the word bank. Students can work at a writing center in front of the board instead of needing the printed photos!

We encourage you to use the story prompts how they best fit your classroom. This might be a good time to give your students the freedom to choose and be creative!

The prompts can be the first line of a story. Or, students might simply read a prompt and write about the first idea the prompt sparks, not trying to copy the line as part of their story.

Another idea is to have students choose multiple starters and weave them together in their own story. 

You can download this free apples photo prompt set here:
Apple Writers

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