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Birds Literacy Set

This Birds Word Work Set will be a great addition to your science based literacy centers.

birds word work set

This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

This birds word work set is designed to fit into your environmental and science education classroom curriculum.

We have included a variety of materials to make your planning faster and easier!

Birds word work set

Here are the free resources you will find within this set:

Word Cards Use these for the activities within the pack. There is also a blank page so you can add additional words.

Fluency Sentences  You will find a collection of 16 fluency sentences. Students might use these at a fluency center during literacy rotations or you might add to individual student book bags for practice during independent reading.

Task Cards  You will find 10 different task cards that you can place at literacy centers. Pick the ones that fit your classroom!

Word Shapes, Write the Room & ABC Order Practice Pages

To set up Write the Room:

  • You will choose 5 or 10 word cards (or picture cards or picture cards already matched up with word cards.)
  • Number the cards 1 – 5 or 1 – 10 depending on the recording page you give you students.
  • Place the cards around the room.
  • Students go on a hunt around the room and write the correct word on their recording pages.
  • This is a great way to get your students up and moving during word work time!

Vocabulary Work This word set contains some more challenging words. For these, you might allow students to explore meanings. You will find two vocabulary pages for students to use when recording their learning.

Lined Writing Paper We have multiple options so you can use the ones that fit your students.

You can download this Birds Word Work Set Here:

Word Set

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As with all of our resources, The Curriculum Corner creates these for free classroom use. Our products may not be sold. You may print and copy for your personal classroom use. These are also great for home school families!

You may not modify and resell in any form. Please let us know if you have any questions.