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Book Study: The Brilliant Deep

Book Study The Brilliant Deep: Rebuilding the World’s Coral Reefs

A collection of resources to help your students learn about Ken Nedimyer through reading.

This collection of resources about Ken Nedimyer is designed to help guide a study of in your classroom.

This is an inspiring story about a man who loves the coral reefs. Through his job as a live rock farmer, he has found a way to begin rebuilding the coral reefs along with the help of many volunteers

This book can fit into a study of taking care of the earth, the ocean or making a difference. 

You can find the book on Amazon. (contains affiliate link)

**You will find the full set of resources described below in one download at the bottom of this post in BOLD font.**

The Brilliant Deep Info Text Book Study

What I Have Learned About Ken Nedimyer’s Childhood  This is a simple and open-ended graphic organizer students can use at a center after the book has been read aloud.  Place the book at the center so students can use it to check the accuracy of their claims about what they have learned.

Fluency Sentences These sentences can be used for fluency practice or sequencing to match the book.

Pocket Chart Sentence Cards These six pocket chart sentence cards can be used during a mini-lesson or as a scrambled sentence center.  The borders are color-coded for easy sorting and storage.

Vocabulary Use this set of vocabulary words and definitions for an easy sorting center.

Thinking About Ken Nedimyer – Synthesizing Activity  Students share their thinking about their reading following the prompts. This organizer might be best completed during class discussions depending on your students.

Problem & Solution Students are asked to share a problem Ken faces.  Students are then asked to share ideas and steps to the solution in the three boxes on the right.

Support Your Beliefs  This page is intended for use as a mini-lesson as you read the book together with your students. Students share one word they feel describes Ken. They will then find three ideas from the book that will support the word. There are also character trait cards that can be used with this activity.

Cause & Effect  Students can sort the events into cause and effect events. Also included is a recording page.

Making Connections Encourage your students to make connections using these two printable pages.

Reading Response Pages  There are a range of pages that have reading response questions to be completed after the learning.

Research  Use this coral reef page as an extension for students to practice their research skills.

Making Words  Students use the letters in the words to create smaller words.  Comes with a page of letters for students to cut out and manipulate to make the words.

Lined Papers

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