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Carnival Read, Write & Draw

Use these carnival themed scrambled sentences at a carnival literacy center to help your students stay engaged while learning.

FREE Carnival Literacy Center from The Curriculum Corner

Read, Write and Draw It! activities are great and this one focuses on a fun summer activity many kids might be familiar with.  This set of carnival scrambled sentences are an easy to put together center and great for this time of year as students might be thinking about or even preparing for local 4-H fairs or traveling to amusement parks.  

**You can download the free sentences by clicking on the bold red link indicated near the bottom of the post.**

For this activity, students cut out the words at the bottoms of the pages. Then they create meaning by arranging the words into a sentence, glue them in the blank boxes, write the sentence on the line, read it for comprehension and finally, illustrate the sentence to further show understanding.

The first link in each set doesn’t contain punctuation and doesn’t have the first word capitalized, so students will need to remember to do that on their own when they write the sentences.

For those students who still need extra support, there is a second link provided that adds just a bit of differentiation and includes the capitalized first word and appropriate punctuation mark.

We have also provided blank pages so that you can differentiate even further by making up your own sentences with a carnival theme.

Carnival Read, Write & Draw It!

Carnival Read, Write & Draw It! (with caps and punctuation) 

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Saturday 29th of June 2019

[…] Carnival Sentences […]


Thursday 13th of September 2018

It isn't letting me download anything. How does this work?

Jill & Cathy

Wednesday 19th of September 2018

Hi Chantel, You will need to scroll down toward the bottom of the post. There are two labeled links in red lettering. Simply click on the one you want and the resource will download. Hope this helps!