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Doubles Addition & Doubles +1 Timed Tests

Working on doubles addition & doubles +1 addition math facts? This collection is just what you need!

Doubles Addition Games

This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

Teach the strategy with our simple anchor chart. Practice facts with the fun game. Finally, assess student mastery of doubles addition and doubles +1 addition with the timed tests.

Anchor Chart

To help with mastery of the doubles + 1 addition facts, make sure your students understand the reasoning and thinking behind the strategy.

You can use this quick anchor chart reference to teach your students and display in your classroom.  (Both color and black & white versions available in the download.)

Timed Tests

In addition to all of our other math fact timed tests (link to those at the bottom), we have created these additional timed tests to help your students specifically learn their doubles addition and doubles +1 addition facts.

There are three pages of each type of test (Doubles to 10, Doubles to 12, Doubles +1 to 10, and Doubles +1 to 12) so students can test next to each other and not have the exact same assessment.

Doubles Games

Want an engaging game to help your students master their Doubles Addition and Doubles +1 math facts?  Here are a few versions of a fun space themed game which is perfect for math fact practice center activities.

Prepare the games in ONE of the two following ways and place each game along with one dice cube and two game pieces in a large baggie.

There are two ways to prepare this game:

  1. Print and laminate game boards and both answer sheets (A & B) for each set of partners in your class.  Students can use Vis-a-Vis markers to color the shapes on their answer pages and the pages can be used again and again.  (These can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth.)  OR
  2. Print and laminate the game boards ONLY and copy several black & white answer sheets. (Be sure to put them in stacks of A & B so partners each take a different sheet.)  Students can color their shapes with crayons or markers.  Once a game is over, they can take another page to color for a second game if time.

Download the anchor chart here:

Doubles + 1 Anchor Chart

Download the doubles timed tests here:

Doubles Addition & Doubles +1 Timed Tests

Download the space themed game here:

Doubles & Doubles + 1 Space Race Game Boards & Answer Sheets

And here are the links to all of our other timed tests here:

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Subtraction Timed Tests

Multiplication Timed Tests

Division Timed Tests

**Have students who need a little additional support and can skip count?  Check out our Touch Math timed tests for addition and multiplication!  You will find those here:

Touch Math Addition Timed Tests

Touch Math Multiplication Timed Tests

Double / Double + 1 PowerPoint Game - The Curriculum Corner 123

Thursday 25th of May 2017

[…] If you are looking for additional practice for doubles facts, take a look at our timed tests and space themed printable games we created to address this skill: Doubles & Doubles + 1 […]


Monday 17th of April 2017

Wow, your resources are amazing! Thank you that they are so high-quality and they are FREE, unlike most of TPT.

Thank you!!!!