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Counting Ones, Tens and Hundreds Activities

When working with students counting ones, tens and hundreds, add these free activities to your collection.

Counting ones, tens and hundreds will be fun for your children to practice with these hands-on activities we have created.

This is another free collection of resources from The Curriculum Corner.

When working with students counting ones, tens and hundreds, add these free activities to your collection.

We have worked together some of our favorite ideas for helping our students who are working on counting 1s, 10s and 100s.

These will be a great addition to your beginning place value practice. Incorporate these ideas into your lessons to help build number sense skills with your students.

Ideas for Counting Ones, Tens and Hundreds

Let’s Bundle!

Purchase coffee stirrers or straws to create your own bundles.

Have your students help create these manipulatives you can later use for practice and centers.

Provide students with a handful of stirrers and rubber bands. They will count out groups of 10 and wrap each with a rubber band.

Show Me!

You can use our large, printable digit cards to get students up and moving during math.

Give students a digit card. You then tell them a number and have them create it.

Depending on the size of numbers you are practicing, you will have two to four students with digit cards at a time.

You can add a challenge by providing more than one of each digit card.

Once students have formed their number, have them tell you the value of their digit.

counting ones, tens and hundreds

Roll the Dice!

While this game can be used for individual or small group practice, I liked to display the PDF on my SmartBoard. I added dice for students to roll and we practiced together.

There are many versions of this game so choose the one that fits your current focus.

Counting 1s, 10 & 100s

You will find many versions of the printable worksheets to accompany this activity. Again, choose the page that fits your class.

You can print each single-sided or front-to-back if you want to use both pages provided for the set.

You will need to prep for this activity ahead of time. Use snack-size baggies if you are working on only tens and ones. Use sandwich baggies if you are working on hundreds, tens and ones.

Put a number of hundreds, tens and ones blocks in each baggie. You will want to make sure you have a different amount in each bag.

After putting a number in each bag, number the bags. You will want 9 baggies if you are using a single-sided page or 18 if you are printing front-to-back.

Make sure you label the bags clearly and in a way the numbering will not fall off. One year I added my numbering to stickers on the baggies and some of them fell off half-way through the activity.

Also, be sure to record the amount in each baggie before letting the students start counting.

Children will then work to count each baggie and record their answers.

When working with students counting ones, tens and hundreds, add these free activities to your collection.

Show the Number

This activity is being provided in two formats.

First, there are five worksheets where students can cut out the bundles and glue to form the numbers.

There are also eight work mats containing numbers along with one blank work mat you can use to create your own.

You will print the three pages of popsicle stick singles and tens and hundreds bundles.

If you want this activity to be reusable, print everything on heavy cardstock and laminate.

Or, you can use regular paper and allow students to cut and glue.

Place Value Chips

Print, laminate and use a 1 inch hole punch to create your place value chips. 

Place the cut out circles in a bucket.

Students will need a recording form – we have provided three versions.

Students will take a small handful of chips without looking.

You can download this free math PDF here:

Math Download

As with all of our resources, The Curriculum Corner creates these for free classroom use. Our products may not be sold. You may print and copy for your personal classroom use. These are also great for home school families!

Remember, you may not modify and resell in any form. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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