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Data Tracking with Photos

We have partnered with FUJIFILM Instax Mini instant cameras to bring you this free collection data tracking resources. Be sure to read through to the bottom of the post to find out how you can win one of five Instax Mini 8 cameras!

FREE Data Tracking Resources for the Classroom from The Curriculum Corner

As teachers, we are always on the look out for new ways to help track and share student progress with families. The data tracking resources we are sharing below are designed to be family friendly. We want families to share in the excitement we feel as teachers when a child shows growth.

FREE Data Tracking & Goal Setting Resources for the Classroom from The Curriculum Corner

We have recently been introduced to the FUJIFILM Instax Mini instant camera and immediately began thinking of ways that this could benefit teachers and families in a classroom setting. So often kids are working on whiteboards or creating with hands-on materials and manipulatives. We strongly believe these are engaging approaches for children. The difficulty appears when we then try to document growth based on these activities. As teachers, we see the evidence but once the cubes or white boards are put away, the proof of learning is gone. For students we are closely watching and working with achieving set goals, this evidence is important. We believe that using an Instax Mini camera in the classroom can help teachers with this struggle.

FREE Data Tracking Resources for the Classroom | Use photos to document learning with these printables | The Curriculum Corner

We have worked to include a wide range of printables within this data tracking collection. You will be able to download the complete collection by clicking on the bold link at the bottom of this post. We are also including a fully editable PowerPoint version so that you can adjust for your classroom.

FREE Data Tracking Resources for the Classroom | Use photos to document learning with these printables | The Curriculum Corner | FREEBIE

Here are the resources you will find within the download:

Assorted Baseline / Goal Setting / Progress Pages for Teachers Choose the page that meets the needs of your individual students. The larger rectangles at the bottom are designed to fit an Instax Mini photo.

Assorted Goal Setting / Progress Pages for Students Similar to the above pages but designed for students to complete for themselves.

Goal Setting Templates We have left the titles blank on these. You can program the pages with the wording that fits your classroom.

Exit Tickets Two different options for students to complete after working towards their goals.

All About My Learning Booklet This is designed to become a book that shows a student’s progress towards his or her goal. Students should record their current levels, goals and the progress they are making.

WOW! Forms We have included two options to share with parents or for classroom display. Include a photo of a child meeting his or her goal along with their accomplishment.

Record Keeping This page provides room for a  teacher to take notes on learning along with a spot for a photo to show the learning.  Next steps can be identified at the bottom.

Donation Requests One of our concerns as teachers is the cost of film and being able to always have a supply on hand. Because of this, we have included donation request forms to send home to parents. There is a note for the beginning of the year and another for when your supply needs replenished.

We understand that not all teachers are in areas where parents are able to donate such supplies. If this is the case, we like the idea of looking into creating a Donors Choose project to obtain cameras and film.

***** You can download the collection as described above here: Data Collection Printables *****

If you are in need of the PowerPoint version so that you may edit the materials to fit your room, you will find them here: Data Collection PowerPoint (KG fonts needed for editing are listed at the bottom of the post.)

Thanks to FUJIFILM and the Instax team, we are giving away FIVE Instax Mini 8 cameras! The lucky winners will be chosen on March 17th! To enter, simply comment below with how you would use your Instax Mini camera in the classroom. One entry per person, please! The winners will be chosen at random on March 17th.

***Please note, we are happy to provide the PowerPoint of this resource so that you may modify the materials for your own personal use. Please don’t ruin this option for others by modifying and selling to other teachers. This resource is meant to be completely free. It is a violation of our policies to modify and sell any of our resources.***

If you will be supplying your own film, we have found that Amazon often has the lowest price and even has the film on sale from time to time. (contains affiliate links)

You might also be interested in our Editable Student Data Binder.

We have used the following KG fonts to create these resources: Janda Elegant Handwriting, KG Summer Sunshine Blackout, KG Alphabet Regurgitation, KG Behind These Hazel Eyes, KG Miss Kindergarten


Monday 4th of March 2019

I will use the camera for pictorial evidence of assessment and data tracking to show during conferences. I will also use it to take pictures of stem projects and hands-on activities in the classroom that cannot be reflected in any other form but observation.

Amy Otto

Wednesday 15th of March 2017

I would use this camera to take pictures of my students working so they could put them in their portfolios. I would also like to use it to document their work progress in my records. Words can speak a thousand words. Thank you!

Charli Sanders

Wednesday 15th of March 2017

I would use it to show students their before and after progress. This would be a great tool to teach my students to track their progress.

Tracy Jarvis

Wednesday 15th of March 2017

I would have my students use the Fuji Insta Max 8 to create story boards. They are always including fellow students in their writings. How fun would it be to have pictures of these "characters" actually doing the actions of the story?! The more visual the better! With the integration of Social Studies into our ELA curriculum this camera would be great for researching and visualizing timelines, writing projects, and documenting our reliving of history (have to get goofy sometimes).


Tuesday 14th of March 2017

I would use the Instax Mini 8 camera to take pictures of all our fun activities throughout the year. Then I could send home a CD with a collection of the pictures for parents to show them what their child has been doing in class as not all parents are able to come in to the classroom. This will be their end of the year gift!