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Division Timed Tests

Use these division timed tests to help students practice division facts.
Division Timed Test | Free Collection from The Curriculum Corner | Basic Facts | Math Facts Practice

This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

Our division timed tests will give your students division practice in the classroom.

division timed tests

Below we are sharing our updated division timed tests that can be used in the classroom or at home.

We have included three separate pages for each set of facts (1 – 12) so that students who are working on the same set can be next to each other during testing.

Do students need to memorize basic facts?

There are varying opinions on this subject. Our belief is yes!

We understand that dedicating time to memorize facts can be boring, repetitive work for students. For most, the process is far from engaging.

However, the time spent mastering math facts will pay off in the long run. If kids are unable to determine the product of two numbers, they won’t be able to solve larger multiplication problems in the future.

Of course, while we believe it is important, we also feel that simply using flash cards and timed tests will help all students learn.

We do not believe that the timed tests we are providing below should be used to teach. They are just a check point to see how students are progressing towards their goal.

Before students are working with paper and pencil, we suggest making sure you build a good foundation.

Do you students understand what multiplication means? Are they able to build an array to model the process?

Make sure you begin with hands on learning activities. Use real items to build arrays. Encourage students to continue this practice at home with cereal or crackers.

We then like to move onto games – not around the world where only one kid is really practicing while your math students who are not as quick are simply sitting and watching.

Many years ago we practiced in classrooms with games like around the world. Today we know that we need to instead use games where all kids get practice – not just the students already good at multiplication.

We are providing these printables because we know they are a tool used by teachers to track mastery – just make sure you mix in the modeling and games to keep your children engaged!

Division Timed Tests

How long should students be given for each math fact?

Often teachers ask us how long we suggest giving students to complete a timed test.

We consistently see that it is recommended students are given three to four seconds per math fact. You can find research to support both.

At “time’s up” we allow students to put pencils down and complete any unfinished problems with a crayon.  This gives them a sense of completion and also allows for a bit more practice.

You can download our free division timed tests here:

**Note: We have provided sets of facts all the way through 12, but because many states only require mastery of division facts through tens the individual sets up through 10 ONLY incorporate facts up to tens.   They do NOT contain 11s and 12s.

You will find more division freebies here:

If you are looking for our original division timed test printables, we have moved the links below.

1s  Set 1      Set 2      Set 3

2s  Set 1      Set 2      Set 3

3s Set 1      Set 2      Set 3

4s Set 1      Set 2      Set 3

5s Set 1      Set 2      Set 3

6s Set 1      Set 2      Set 3

7s  Set 1      Set 2       Set 3

8s  Set 1      Set 2      Set 3

9s Set 1      Set 2      Set 3

10s Set 1      Set 2     Set 3

Sets of 25

Horizontal 1s – 5s

Set 1      Set 2      Set 3

Horizontal 6s – 10s

Set 1      Set 2      Set 3

As with all of our resources, The Curriculum Corner creates these for free classroom use. Our products may not be sold. You may print and copy for your personal classroom use. These are also great for home school families!

You may not modify and resell in any form. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Thank you for the updated multiplication and division timed sets. I was printing the old sets, got disappointed there were no 11s and 12s, then I found the updated ones and all on one document! Perfect. Just what I needed. The tracking page is helpful too.

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