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Fact or Opinion Sorting Cards

Help students practice determining if statements are fact or opinion with this sorting activity.

fact or opinionfact or opinion with this sorting activity.”>

This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

This fact & opinion center gives your students the opportunity to practice sorting fact and opinion cards to reinforce the concept.

It can be difficult for students to differentiate between facts and opinions. This fact & opinion center will give your students extra practice.

You will be able to download this free card set by clicking on the bold red title lower in this post.

fact or opinionfact or opinion with this sorting activity.”>

Because it never seems like enough practice activities for this skill, we created this card sort.  These cards will print four on a page.

We have included heading labels.  You can then sort the cards. Each fact has a coordinating opinion.

After printing on card stock, we suggest laminating for durability.

Here are some ideas for using these cards:

  • Place at a literacy center and have students sort into the correct category.  Laminate and attach magnets to make it a center for your board.
  • You might even choose to use this as a game.  Hand out the cards and students must find their partner.  Have each class member share their statement and identify which category it goes in.
  • Give students a fact.  Have them write their own coordinating opinion.
  • Give students an opinion.  Have them write their own coordinating fact.
  • As an extension, encourage students to write their own cards to add to your center!

You can download this free Fact or Opinion card set here:  

 Sorting Cards

If you are looking for additional materials for this skill, we do have more activities.

Try this: Fact & Opinion Activities

Do you have other ways you will use these cards?  Please share below!

One book we like for teaching this skill is Chameleons are Cool. Grab this book on Amazon (contains affiliate link.)

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