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Fall Addition & Subtraction Fact Puzzles

Add these simple addition and subtraction fact puzzles to your math centers for fall math fact practice.

addition subtraction fact puzzles
This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

These fall addition and subtraction fact puzzles will be an easy to create math center for fact practice.

We know that teachers are always looking for new ways to encourage their students to work on basic math facts. Sometimes you need something more than worksheets to engage your students.

We created these simple puzzle centers for you to add to your rotations. 

There are two sets – one with addition facts and another with subtraction facts.

How to create these addition and subtraction fact puzzles

  1. Print the cards on card stock. You might use color card stock – choosing one color for addition and another for subtraction. We used a minimal amount of color clip art so that you can choose color or white card stock for these files. 
  2. Laminate the puzzles.
  3. Cut apart and place in baggies or other storage containers. 
  4. You might choose to color code the backs with a small dot for easy self-checking.

Remember to not overwhelm students working on mastering their facts – some students might benefit from only have two or three puzzles at a time while others are ready for the whole collection.

You know your students best so do what will work best for your classroom!

addition subtraction fact puzzles

You can download these free fall addition and subtraction puzzles here: 

Addition Puzzles

Subtraction Puzzles

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