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October Bell Ringer Questions

This collection of October Bell Ringer Questions will help engage your students in a simple, but meaningful morning routine.

October Bell Ringers

This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

***You can download this free set of October Bell Ringer questions & resources by clicking on each of the BOLD “October Bell Ringer Questions” links at the bottom of this post.

(A black & white version has also been provided for those who don’t want the background color formatting.)**


Our collections of bell ringer questions are daily posted questions that are posed to your students as they enter your classroom each morning. Students are expected to reflect on the question and then respond by placing their name card under one of the answer choices.   

These October bell ringer questions can be an engaging part of your students’ daily morning routine and are a simple way to get students reading and thinking from the moment they enter the classroom in the morning.

Bell Ringer questions are also great discussion starters for your morning meetings or class gatherings, and they can truly help you to get to know your students better.  They can also help your students find things in common and get to know each other better.

To use these October Bell Ringer questions…

  1. Print all the pages and laminate them for durability.
  2. Cut the questions apart.
  3. Add magnetic tape, sticky tack or whatever works best for you so that pieces can be taken down daily and moved around.

You will need wall space, such as a white board area or bulletin board, designated for your daily questions.

We have included an “October Question” sign as part of this collection that you can display as well.   In addition, there is a set of response cards which are the words you will post underneath each daily question based on how students are supposed to respond.

October Bell Ringers

In this collection you will find:

  • Yes/No/Maybe Questions
  • Always/Sometimes/Never Questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions

Also provided is a download of matching name cards that you can choose to print for your students. These are editable so you can type names on them or simply print them & write names on each one. Laminate and add magnetic tape/sticky tack to get them ready for student use.

(NOTE: To add names you will need to insert a “text box” into each frame to type on the cards.)

Place the cards in a basket or arrange them on the board with magnets next to the question. And don’t forget to add your name because students will enjoy seeing how you respond each day!

This set includes bell ringer questions that may or may not be centered on the month of October. (Some are just fun or funny questions for students to ponder!)

Questions based on birthdays of well known people or nationally designated weeks or days in October in the United States can also be found.

(NOTE: These days may or may not be “officially” recognized days. Some are just fun calendar days and their origin can’t necessarily be found.)

There are a wide variety of questions so that you can choose one for each and every day in your classroom for the month of October. Because there are so many question cards, you will be able to choose what fits your school and class best, or use different cards depending on the school year and days you are in the classroom.

We have also included one blank matching template so that you can write some of your own questions if you wish (or have students help to come up with questions).

You can download this set of October Bell Ringer Question resources here. Click on each link separately:

October Bell Ringers ~ Questions

October Bell Ringers ~ Questions – Matching Name Cards

October Bell Ringers ~ Questions (black & white version)

October Bell Ringers ~ Name Cards (black & white version)

Need a set with more open-ended questions? 

Try our Intermediate October Bell Ringers.

Be sure to bookmark this page so you can easily find it each year. Not sure how to bookmark? Check out this tutorial we created: Bookmarking in Chrome.

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