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Adding Coins Game I Have…Who Has

We have created these “I Have, Who Has” adding coins game to give students practice with counting coins up to $1.00*.

FREE Adding Coins Game I Have Who Has Math Game from The Curriculum Corner | Money | Counting Coins Game

These two sets of 30 “I have…Who has…?” cards focus on adding various coins and is meant to be a fun and engaging way to practice.

The set with the larger polka dots is a more simple version & includes coin value identification, and the set with the smaller polka dots provides a little more challenge.

(*NOTE: The final cards in both sets go above $1.00, but are easier in that students are only required to count dimes up to $2 and $3.)

We like this game for a couple of reasons.

  • First, it is a fun way for students to practice a necessary skill that might not always be so fun.
  • Second, students must practice their listening skills – if they are not attentive when playing, they will miss their clue.
  • And, finally, students get practice reading and speaking so their classmates can hear them.

For any of you who may be unfamiliar with “I have…Who has…?” activities, here are the directions.

  • Pass out all the cards of one set.  If you don’t have 30 students, consider giving some students two cards or you could keep the extra cards and participate where needed in the activity.
  • Once the cards are passed out, the student with the word “Start” reads their card first by asking the question.
  • Whoever is holding the card with the answer to that question, reads their own card…which includes another question.
  • Play continues until the last student, whose card says “Finish”, has read their answer.

We have provided both of these adding coins games in color and in black & white.

You could print the color version on card stock and laminate for durability and continued use or simply print the black & white set on copy paper and throw them away as they become worn out.

We also know that some teachers prefer to print the black and white set on colorful card stock in order to save on color ink, so that is an option as well.

You will find the adding coins game below:

Adding Coins (Simple)”I have…Who has…?”                   

Adding Coins (Simple)  “I have…Who has…?” (black & white)

Adding Coins (Challenge)”I have…Who has…?”             

Adding Coins (Challenge) “I have…Who has…?” (black & white)

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