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Ice Cream Fun Read, Write & Draw It!

Read, Write & Draw It! activities are great for an ice cream literacy center! This set has an ice cream theme just in time for summer!

Ice cream themed read it, write it, draw it literacy center FREE from The Curriculum Corner
This set of Ice Cream Fun Read, Write & Draw It! pages are perfect for the beginning or end of the school year for an easy literacy center. Students cut out the words at the bottoms of the pages. Then they create meaning by arranging the words into a sentence, gluing them in the blank boxes, writing the sentence on the line, reading it for comprehension and finally illustrating the sentence to further show understanding.

The first link for the set doesn’t contain punctuation and doesn’t have the first word capitalized so students will need to remember to do that on their own when they write it. For those students who still need extra support, there is a second link provided that adds just that little bit of differentiation. We have also again provided a blank page so that you can differentiate even further by making up your own sentences using sight words or other frozen treat words!

Ice Cream Fun Read, Write &  Draw It!

Ice Cream Fun Read, Write & Draw It! (with caps and punctuation)

**NOTE: If you ever have a theme or topic that you’d like a set of pages completed for, let us know! We can quickly create those for you and anyone else who might want something similar for their literacy centers.

***We are planning a round up of ALL of our Read, Write & Draw It! resources very soon so you will have access to all of them in one post!

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