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Numbers & Operations Scoot 2nd Grade

These number sense task cards can be used at a math center or for a class scoot game.

number sense task cards

This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

If you are working on Numbers & Operations in Base Ten, take a look at this set of number sense task cards.  It is designed to be used as a Scoot game or adapted to be a task card center.

These cards are designed to meet second grade standards.

You can download the complete set of resources by clicking on the bold, blue link at the bottom of this post.

FREE Numbers & Operations Scoot Game & Task Cards from The Curriculum Corner | Number Sense Activities

We have created this set focusing on second grade standards.

It will make a great review game before a test. You might even use it throughout the year for review. Or, 3rd grade teachers might like using it for back to school time.

Includes a patterned and a plain white background. The white version is at the end of the download file.

There are 32 cards along with four blank cards so you can write in your own tasks if desired.  We have included recording pages designed for the cards to be used as task cards.

There are three choices so you can easily change the number of tasks to be completed.  There is also a blank box for you or the student to write in the required tasks to be completed.  For example, you can assign one student odd problem or another 1 – 8 depending on the needs of each student.

If you choose to play as a Scoot game, there are also recording forms for this, numbered 1 – 32.   Scoot activities are an easy way to incorporate movement, yet still provide practice and engagement for students.   All you need to do for this activity is to print and laminate the cards and copy a recording page for each student.

How to Use as a Scoot Game

To play Scoot, place one card at each student’s seat.  They will begin writing on their recording page at the number of the card at their seat.   After giving students a few minutes to solve the problem, the teacher yells “Scoot” to signal students to rotate to a new seat.  (You will need to plan out the direction and path of the rotation before beginning.)  The activity continues until students have traveled to each spot.

Download the Number Sense Task Cards Here:

Numbers and Operations Scoot Game

Do you have other favorite number sense activities? Or other ways to practice Numbers & Operations standards in your classroom?  Please share your activity ideas below!

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