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Academic Math Vocabulary Booklet

We have created this academic math vocabulary booklet to be used during your math instruction.

Math Vocabulary 2

This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

Use this math vocabulary booklet to help your students strengthen their understanding of math related words. 

When creating this resource, we focused on 2nd and 3rd grade math standards. We worked through the standards and included common language used in math.

You can download this free collection by clicking on the bold red words at the bottom of this post.

Math Vocabulary

We have included words that will be found in both grade levels. Some pages contain examples to be completed by students while other require students to provide their own example

Along with preprogrammed pages, we have supplied you with a wide variety of pages that you can add your own words to. There are a variety of these pages so that you can use the pages that fit with each math word or skill.

Math Vocabulary 4

How to Use this Math Vocabulary Booklet

We would work with our students on completing these pages. This will help make sure it is an accurate resource for students to use when working.

Other options include word maps and pages to be used for a weekly vocabulary list. There are two options for the weekly vocabulary lists. One is for teachers who choose to focus on just two words and other options with more spaces for words.

You will find a cover page that you can use to preassemble vocabulary booklets at the beginning of the year and add to math folders. Or, add to a binder to make the booklets easier to expand. Include tabs in the binder so you can have a dictionary with words from your math workshop and another tab weekly word lists.

Movement Tip for Learning Vocabulary

To add motion to our classrooms, we like to add actions to our vocabulary words to help kids recall the words. We let the kids work together to decide on the action, They can then practice the words while waiting in the hallway for special or entering the classroom. It’s so easy to do, engaging and really helps kids remember meanings quickly.

To download the complete, free version of this product, simply click here:

Academic Vocabulary Booklet 

If you need additional math vocabulary resources for your 2nd or 3rd grade classroom, try this collection: Primary Math Vocab

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