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Math Check: 3rd Grade Computation

This 3rd Grade Computation Math Check is designed to be a pre and post assessment for computation standards in your math classroom.

This set of math checks is designed to help you assess third grade standards for computation.

Because states across the nation have adopted a variety of standards, we have created this assessment without indicator numbers. Our hope is that this will make these assessments materials that can be used regardless of the numbers used on your standards.

These assessment pages can be used as pre and post assessment checks to chart growth. You might also use them to check in with your students before a unit test.

Use these problems to help guide your teaching at the beginning of a unit or to help you structure your reteaching groups as you progress.

You will also find an answer key.

3rd Grade Computation

You will find problems covering each standard along with the standard listed at the top of the page or section.

Problems for the following standards are included:

  • Add and subtract whole numbers within 1,000.
  • Use models to show the concept of multiplication.
  • Understand the identity and zero properties of multiplication.
  • Show fluency in solving multiplication and division facts.
  • Use multiplication and division within 100 to solve word problems.
  • Solve multi-step word problems using the four operations.

The math check created has been designed to touch upon each of the standards.

We will be creating a math check for each focus area and each grade level.

Along with the math checks, we will also be creating coordinating PowerPoint games to review each of the skills covered.

We do understand for an end of unit test, you will might need a larger, more in depth test. This resource is not that test. Instead, it is a way for you to take a quick feel of your students understanding of the content.

You can download this free math check for 3rd grade computation here:

Computation for 3rd Grade

You will find a similar math check for 3rd grade number sense here: Number Sense for 3rd Grade.


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