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Multiple Meaning Words – Matching Game

This free multiple meaning words literacy center has been created to help your students practice homonyms.

This free multiple meaning words literacy center has been created to help your students practice homonyms.

This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

This literacy center can be used to help your students practice homonyms.

Our free set will give your students much needed multiple meaning words practice during your center time.

This set has is for review. It is not designed to teach.
FREE Homonyms Literacy Center | Multiple Meaning Words

What is Included

This multiple meaning words resource contains two sets of cards.

Set 1 contains words that can have multiple meanings.  Set 2 has cards that each contain two sentences with a word left out.

The two sentences can be completed with the same word. Contextually the cards show how the word has two different meanings.

There are 80 (40 word cards & 40 sentence cards).  You may want to narrow the set down a bit before putting them out for the game OR you could have two groups playing at the same time.

One way to use these cards is with a simple game which can be played with 2 or 4 players (an even number).

How to Play this Multiple Meaning Words Game:

  1. Place the word cards face down in a stack in the middle.  The sentence cards are then split up evenly between all the players.  Students take a few minutes to read the sentences on all their cards before play begins.
  2. The first player picks a word card from the stack and decides if the word would fit into BOTH sentences on one of their cards.  If it does, the student reads both of the sentences aloud using the word they picked from the stack.  If the rest of the players agree that the word makes sense in both of the sentences, the first player gets to lay down a match.
  3. When players don’t agree that it makes sense in both sentences, the word card is placed in the bottom of the stack. The next player takes a turn.
  4. If the word card that is chosen will not fit into any of the sentences on the cards they have in their hand then the student returns the card to the bottom of the stack and play resumes.
  5. The winner is the first student who has all of their cards down in matches first.

You can download the free homonyms center here:

Multiple Meaning Word Cards

Multiple Meaning Sentence Cards

You could also use the word cards at an independent center where students choose a card and write sentences showing the two meanings.

If you choose this way, then you could use our Multiple Meaning Sentence Recording Page to go along with it.

Yet another use is to use only the sentence cards.  Partners take turns drawing a card and reading the sentences.  If they can think of the one word that completes both of the sentences then they get to keep the card.  If not, then it goes in a discard pile. You could give the other student a chance to “steal” by figuring out the word, and then he/she gets to keep the card.

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