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Nature Themed Write! Read! Draw!

These nature scrambled sentences are a fun and engaging literacy center – and they’re completely free!

FREE Nature Scrambled Sentences Literacy Center from The Curriculum Corner

This set of Write! Read! Draw! pages is designed with a nature theme since many teachers are trying to get their students outdoors as much as possible in the nicer spring weather.Nature themed Write It, Read it, Draw it Sentence Activity FREE from The Curriculum Corner

This set of nature scrambled sentences, like our other Write It! Read It! Draw It! sets are designed to be a quick go-to center that doesn’t require much preplanning on your part. We all have those days where one center doesn’t work out, keep a set of these on hand and you will always have an engaging and meaningful back up ready!

Students cut out and read the words at the bottom of the pages.  They then create meaning by arranging them into a sentence, gluing them in the blank boxes, writing the sentence on the line and finally illustrating the sentence to show understanding.  They will need to remember to capitalize the first letter and add an ending mark after the last word.

The first link doesn’t contain punctuation and doesn’t have the first word capitalized, but for those students who still need that support, there is a second document provided for a bit of differentiation.

We have also again provided a blank page so that you can differentiate even further by making up your own sentences using sight words or other nature-themed words and phrases.

We know that not all schools are supportive of this idea, but we love that this literacy center also gives students practice with fine motor skills. We feel like this is so important for our youngest students!  We do realize that opinions differ on this topic!

Nature Themed Write! Read! Draw!

Nature Themed Write! Read! Draw! (punctuation & capitals)

As always, this is a free resource for teachers! Feel free to share this blog post with others and copy the materials for your own classroom use.  You may not modify and sell to others. If you have any questions, just send us a message.

christine eldridge

Thursday 25th of February 2021

I enjoy the read it write it draw it activities

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Wednesday 21st of March 2018

How about a few first lines from Nursery Rhyms and Songs. I know that many are phrases but as a precurser to some of the sentence material that is not familiar to some kids.... The kids (and I) like these. I often have to help them the first couple of times then they can review on their own. I laminate just the sentence puzzle part for class copy as well as use the cut, paste, and write take homes.

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