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Parts of Speech Game (I have, Who has)

This Parts of Speech game is our own I have, Who has with a focus on language skills. It is another free resource for teachers created by The Curriculum Corner.
Parts of Speech Game I Have, Who Has Game FREE from The Curriculum Corner

Add this parts of speech game to your language collection of resources.

Here is a quick and fun way to check to see if students understand different parts of speech.  

It is the traditional “I have…Who has” activity, but has students listening for specific kinds of words within sentences.

The first set is the simplest.  It contains 30 cards to pass out.  (If you don’t have 30 students you can decide to give some students two cards or you could keep those cards and read them yourself at the appropriate times.)

Each of the downloads actually contains two versions of the same game.

 The version with black text actually gives the students a clue as to the type of word they have by using the indicators “noun”, “verb” or “adjective” before the word.  It is more scaffolded for students who might need the extra support.

The version with blue text does not give them this indicator so it is a bit more difficult.  We have also thrown in a lot of the same words in sentences so that students have to really pay attention to the part of speech they are listening for.

**For each of the two versions we have also included sets with backgrounds in case you would like to print and laminate on card stock for durability and to use multiple times.  But you might choose to just print the more plain versions on regular paper and then recycle them after a one-time use.

You can download this I Have, Who Has Game here:

Simple Plain Set

Simple Colorful Set

Here is a second parts of speech game that is a bit more challenging. It contains common nouns, proper nouns, plural  nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

Challenging Plain Set

Challenging Colorful Set

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