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Phonics Sort: Hard G & Soft G

This Phonics Sort: Hard G and Soft G activity has been created by The Curriculum Corner for your free classroom use. 

Phonics Sort Hard G or Soft G

This Hard G and Soft G sort is another free resource from The Curriculum Corner. 

Looking for new ways to help reinforce phonics skills in your classroom? This Hard G and Soft G Phonics sort is a part of The Curriculum Corners Phonics Collection.

Creating your phonics centers are easy! 

Simply print your center on card stock. We have created this set with a white background to help you conserve color ink. 
After printing, be sure to laminate your cards for durability.  Cut your cards and store!

If you don’t yet have a way to store your favorite task cards, check out what we found on Amazon (contains affiliate link):

New phonics sorts are in the works so you will soon have a collection to fill your storage box! 

Phonics Sort Hard G or Soft G

This set includes a cover card that can be used to label your storage box or even attached to an envelope or bag you use to store each set of cards. 

To play, students will take out the category cards: Soft G and Hard G. Students will then sort the cards under the correct heading.

We have worked to include simpler words along with a few that might provide a challenge. This will make it easier for you to differentiate this center for students.

Of course, pulling and adding cards each time a students works on the center could be time consuming. One idea is to color code the cards with a dot on the back. Some students might be instructed to sort only the cards that have a purple dot while others sort the cards with purple and orange dots. 

We are always looking for new ways to provide busy teachers with new, free resources for their classrooms. Please be sure to let us know what types of resources would be helpful to you in the future.

You can download this free phonics activity here:
Phonics Sort

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