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Pumpkins! Fall Fry Word Games

These pumpkin fall Fry word games are a perfect addition to your word work centers.


This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

These fall Fry word games will be a perfect pumpkin themed addition to your classroom.Fall Fry Word Games | Roll, Read & Keep plus Pumpkins Game for the first 300 words FREE from The Curriculum Corner

How to create this pumpkin Fry word game

  1. Print the cards on card stock and laminate for durability. Cut apart the word cards
  2. Get the game boards ready by printing and laminating.
  3. Create centers that are just right for your students by providing the just right set of cards.

How to Play this Pumpkin Fry Game

  1. Place the cards in a basket.
  2. Students take turns drawing a card from the basket and saying the word.
  3. If the word is read correctly, the student can keep the word.
  4. When a student cannot read the word, the word is returned to the basket.
  5. When a student draws a pumpkin, all of his or her cards are returned to the basket.

As this is an older collection, each resource is its own download.

You can download the Pumpkin Fry Word Cards here:

1 – 100    Leaf Background      White Background

101 – 200   Pumpkin Background     White Background

201 – 300    Plaid Background    White Background

How to Play Pumpkin Roll, Read, Keep

To play:

  1. Students need a board, die and set of cards.
  2. Children begin by placing a card on each spot on the board.
  3. Students will roll a dice and read the card that corresponds with the number.
  4. If the student can read the word, he or she keeps the card.
  5. If the student cannot read the word, they will return the card to the bottom of the stack.

***You can download the Pumpkin Fry Word Game board here:

Roll, Read, Keep Board  

To turn the pumpkin cards into a Roll, Read, Keep game, just print this board and remove the pumpkin cards.

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Thursday 29th of August 2019

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Katherine Moreno

Monday 26th of October 2015

I love, love, love receiving your surprises by email!! Thank you so much for your generosity and kudos on your mastery in creating teaching resources. I appreciate your hard work and wonderful ideas.

Cathy Lien

Friday 7th of November 2014

Thank you so much for everything you create and give away. This teacher appreciates it tremendously!!


Saturday 11th of October 2014

Thanks for all the help of templates, ideas, etc. It is a shame that people are trying to sell it on TPT. I appreciate the time, effort and the opportunity to put them to good use...educating students in a creative way.