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Review Game: 2nd Grade Computation

This 2nd Grade Computation Review Game is designed to give your students practice with second grade standards throughout your unit of study.This 2nd Grade Computation Review Game is designed to give your students practice with second grade standards throughout your unit of study.

This free 2nd Grade Computation Review Game is provided as a PowerPoint. It is designed to help you practice second grade standards for computation.

This 2nd Grade computation Review Game is designed to match our 2nd grade computation math check.

You will find the link for the coordinating math check at the bottom of this post.

This review game was created in the hopes of it fitting into classrooms across the nation regardless of your standards.

You can use this game as review for your students before a test. Or, use it in a third grade classroom for a beginning of the year review.

2nd Grade Computation

You will find problems covering each standard in this review game.

Problems for the following standards are included:

  • Add and subtract within 100.
  • Add and subtract within 1,000. Use models, drawings and strategies.
  • Show fluency in solving addition and subtraction facts.
  • Solve real-world problems involving addition and subtraction within 100.
  • Understand the commutative and associative property. Show that the order two numbers are added and how they are grouped does not change the sum.
  • Use addition to find the total number of objects arranged in rectangular arrays with up to 5 rows and up to 5 columns. Write an equation to show the sum.

This free math game we created has been designed to touch upon each of the standards.

Playing the Game

Correct answers throughout the game are praised with a praise slide!

To play, students need to click on the apple on the first slide and they will be taken to the first problem. When a problem is answered correctly, they will receive a slide giving them some praise. Students click on the praise and are taken to the next problem.

When students answer a problem incorrectly, they will reach some type of  “Try Again” slide and will need to click on those words to be taken back to the original problem for another attempt.

(Incorrect clicks will continue to take them to the “try again” slide.)

The game is created so that the final slide is linked to return to the first slide.

You can download this Computation PowerPoint Game for 2nd Grade here:

2nd Grade Computation Game

**Once you have downloaded your game, simply click on the view tab at the top and then select reading view. This will start your game. **

You will need the following KG Font for your game to display correctly: KG Behind These Hazel Eyes and KG Be Still and Know.

(We have a commercial use license for ourselves, you will just need to download the free version!)

You will find the coordinating second grade computation check here:

Math Check: 2nd Grade Computation