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S’mores Equivalent Fractions Game

This s’mores themed equivalent fractions game is designed for practice during a math center.

This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

In making this equivalent fractions game, we used a s’mores theme to add a fun spin to your skill practice.

Camping and S’mores are a favorite fall theme for the classroom.  We hope this fits well into your classroom theme.

You will find the download of printables for this equivalent fractions game at the bottom of the post in BOLD highlighted text.

How to Create Your Centers

  1. For this center, print and laminate the cards.
  2. Then print a copy of the game board for each set of partners.  
  3. Choose the fraction and wording cards you would like students to use and set the rest aside.

How to Play the Equivalent Fractions Game

  1. This is a two player game and each student will need a colored pencil.  
  2. Students take turns drawing a card from the pile.  As they draw a card, they then color in the given fraction on the game board.
  3.  If no shape is available to create the fraction, the turn is skipped. 
  4. The first player to get four in a row is a winner.

S'mores Equivalent Fractions Game from The Curriculum Corner | FREE

Other Ways to Play

There are also other ways for students to play games.  One way is to sort the fraction and word cards into columns of equivalent fractions.  Another version can be played to show comparisons of fractions. Students draw two cards then place a greater than, equal to or less than symbol in between the fraction to show the relationship between the two.

You will find the equivalent fractions game described above right here:

 S’mores Fraction Game


You might also want to check out our full unit of resources designed for a classroom camping theme.  You will find those resources here: Classroom Camping Unit

We also have a Read & Color: Camping Booklet that you might like as well.

Do you have other favorite camping and s’mores themed activities for the classroom?  We would love for you to share below!

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