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Touch Math Multiplication Timed Tests

This set of touch math multiplication timed tests (0 to 12) was created for those students who use the touch math skip counting strategy to help them with their math facts.

This is another free resource for teachers created by The Curriculum Corner.

You will find various resources within this post:

  • Individual (for each number 0 through 12) & Mixed Review (0 to 5, 6 to 10, 0 to 10 and 0 to 12) 25-problem sets – all pages in one download
  • 100-Problem Mixed Review Pages (0 to 5, 6 to 10, 0 to 10 and 0 to 12) 

While learning math facts for memory provides students with the foundation and speed for more difficult concepts as they progress, we know that it can be difficult for some students.  That is why we have created this specific set of timed tests.  Students can use the touch math strategy to skip count quickly for correct answers.

Not familiar with the strategy?  Here’s a brief description of how it works on these facts:

  • First your students need to be sure they can skip count quickly and accurately by the number of the set they are working on.  So, if they are working on their 8s, they need to be able to quickly count by 8s to 80 (or 96 depending on the level of mastery they are required to learn).
  • Have them practice this several times until they are fluent in their skip counting.  In Jill’s classroom, putting the skip counting to a tune/music for each set was a HUGE help!  (Many of her former students have told her they STILL remember these songs as adults!)
  • Next, students look at the math multiplication fact they are working on and begin skip counting on the OTHER number in the problem.  They actually use the tip of their pencil and TOUCH the dots on the other number.  For example, if they are working on the fact 8 x 4, they will skip count by 8s ON THE NUMBER 4 by using the dots provided on the number 4 on the timed test.
  • If a dot is open in the center, it will be “touched” twice with their pencil.  (On the numbers 6 through 9, any dot that is not opaque will be touched two times in their skip counting.)
  • Again, lots of practice is the key to their success in using this strategy on timed tests.

We have included three pages for each individual set of facts so that students who are working on the same set can sit next to each other during testing if needed. 

The touch math multiplication timed tests are in three downloads below.

We have provided the tests in both horizontal and vertical forms .

NOTE: The 100-problem pages are two pages (to fit all the problems with the touch math font) and will need to be copied two-sided.

You will find the links to all three sets of touch math multiplication timed tests here:

Edythe Buehring

Thursday 23rd of January 2020

Are the skip counting songs available or did I just miss them? Your resources are ALWAYS amazing!

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