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Weekly Themed Vocabulary Words & Activities – Set 1 (Amphibians)

Amphibians Vocabulary Resources free from The Curriculum CornerWe are creating a series of weekly thematic vocabulary word sets to coincide with science or social studies units of study.   Each set will include materials that can be used to help your students practice and review the words.

Set 1 focuses on amphibians and includes the following words:  amphibian, frog, toad, tadpole, webbed, cold-blooded, egg, froglet, herpetologist, camouflage

Large vocab cards  Use these to display words at the front of the classroom or on the door as students enter the classroom.  These are full page cards with one word.

Vocabulary & Definition Matching Cards  Use these to display the words and definitions in the classroom, or print and laminate for students to match during a center or as group work.

Definition Page  This page includes all vocabulary words along with their definitions.  Designed to be added to a vocabulary notebook if needed.

Vocabulary Fill-In  This is a simple sentence fill-in and one way for students to show their comprehension of the vocabulary words.

The following are resources that will stay the same each week:

Vocabulary Word Map  Designed to help students develop a deep understanding of each word.  Students are asked to record the definition, synonyms, a picture and to form their own sentence.

Vocabulary Assessment  Write each word in the box.  Students need to explain the meaning of each word.

Vocabulary Clouds  Designed to be used as a more open-ended assessment.  Write one word on each cloud.  Students should then be instructed to share all they know about the word around and in the cloud.vocabclouds


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