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5th Grade Summer Math Booklet

We have created this 5th grade summer math booklet to help your students get a little math skill practice in over their summer  break.

We aren’t always fans of drill worksheets for daily classroom practice. However, we also understand that many parents want something to help keep their students’ minds working throughout the summer.

We always suggest reading independently and practicing math facts, but sometimes parents and teachers are looking for a bit more.

5th Grade Summer Math Booklet

***You will find the download for 35 math standard pages at the bottom of this post in large bold lettering.***

We have taken a look at some common 5th grade standards and created some skill practice pages to match those standards.  You can put together packets for your students or simply send the link to this post to parents so they can download and print the pages themselves.

While not all standards are addressed in this summer math practice booklet and there are only a few practice problems for each standard, if parents let students first complete a page and then check for understanding, they may be able to determine their children’s misconceptions and misunderstandings.  From there they can be more specific in helping their children to understand concepts.

5th Grade Summer Math Booklet 2

Some teachers like to offer their students a small reward for returning a completed packet back to them at the end of the summer.

As always, these resources are intended for classroom and home use. Please copy and share with your students and families. They may not be copied and sold or modified and sold. Our intent is to provide free resources for teachers. If you have any questions, please contact us.

You will find the full 5th grade summer math practice download here:
5th Grade Math Summer Practice

You can find the 4th grade version here: 4th Grade Summer Math

Thank you to Pretty Grafik Design on etsy for the super cute summer clip art stamps!

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