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Welcome to The Curriculum Corner 456! We hope we can help you in finding free resources for your fourth, fifth or sixth grade classroom. This site is packed with management pieces, lesson plans, math & literacy centers and so much more. We are so happy you stopped by to visit.

Our Most Popular Resources

Meet Cathy & Jill

Cathy Henry & Jill McEldowney are educators who work to help other teachers. They have created The Curriculum Corner to help other educators find creative resources that weave standards into the curriculum. The best part for teachers is that everything is free! The site is intended to always be a work in progress as teaching grows. Learn more about us here: About Us.

Our Newest Resources

  • Geography Features
    This geography features set focuses on providing students with practice over vocabulary terms related to geography.
  • Hemisphere Introduction
    Use this hemisphere introduction to help your intermediate students build their geography skills.
  • World Geography Map Work
    This world geography map work will help your fifth and sixth grade students practice working with world maps.
  • Volcano Fill-In Sentences
    Use these volcano fill-in sentences during your volcano study.
  • Unpacking Indiana 6.RC.1
    Unpacking Indiana 6.RC.1: Analyze what a text says explicitly as well as draw inferences from the text through citing text evidence. “I Can” Standards: I … Read more
  • Chapter Book Notes
    Use this chapter book notes as a resource to help your readers. This chapter book notes download is designed to help your students work on … Read more

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