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Ancient Greece Geography: Claims & Evidence

Students will practice finding claims and evidence with this work over ancient Greece geography.

Help your students learn about the geography of ancient Greece while practicing identifying claims and evidence with these materials.

This is another free resource for teachers and homeschool families from The Curriculum Corner.

In my classroom, we are working on a big project on Ancient Greece. The final product will be a magic folder which I will share when I have some completed in November.

the geography of Ancient Greece

Learning about Ancient Greece

To start, we are learning about different aspects of Ancient Greece. As we work, we are gathering our research so we will be ready to create the final product at the end.

We started by focusing on geography. One of the skills we needed to cover this week was claims & evidence along with using context clues.

This Geography Activity

I created a passage that could fit this need.

I worked to include vocabulary students might not know and added in important facts about the geography of Greece.

After reading, we worked together to use context clues to identify new words. We completed the graphic organizer together.

The next day, we completed the organizer highlighting the positive aspects the geography had on ancient Greece. This task was done together.

Finally, students demonstrated they understood the skill be completing the final graphic organizer on the negative impact the geography had.

By the end, I felt like students had a good understanding of the skills they needed to know for our final project.

You can download this free resource here:

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