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February Daily Welcome Messages

This set of free and editable Intermediate February Daily Welcome Messages is an easy way to get your students to enter the classroom and focus on the day ahead.

Start your day with these ready to go Intermediate February Daily Welcome Messages! These are geared towards 4th, 5th and 6th grade classrooms.

This is a new resource similar to our set designed for the primary grades (you will find the link for the primary version and the kindergarten version at the bottom of this post.)

This is the first in the series. We will begin creating a set for each month. 

This set has been created in a different format than our primary version.

Each slide begins with a quote. You might have students discuss this as they enter the classroom. Or, you could use the quote to start your day with a class discussion.

You will find a simple get active box asking students to choose a stretch and quick exercise. When beginning these daily messages, it might be helpful to give students ideas for the stretches and exercises.

You will find 29 daily welcome messages within this set.

We know you won’t use every slide every year but this way you will be set for future years!

When we created this set of Intermediate February Daily Welcome Messages, we had a few goals in mind.

  • We wanted to encourage students to talk a little. This is the first thing many teachers do in the morning as they enter the building. Many students want to do the same!
  • We wanted to encourage students to wake up! This is why we included a get active box.
  • We wanted to encourage students to wake up their brains as well! We have included two warm-ups. The first contains a language arts question. The second focuses on math.

Now for the exciting part. The top three sections are not editable. You will be able to edit the reading and math warm-ups to fit your classroom. 

Each slide does include a different language arts and math problem. If you do not have time to edit or forget one day, you will be able to use the slides as they are.

If you are looking to edit the slides, you will begin by downloading the PDF. You will then need to open the PDF using Adobe Reader (it is a free program if you do not already have it.)

How to Use these Intermediate February Daily Welcome Messages

We are providing this file as a PDF.

You will open the PDF and display the correct day on your SmartBoard.

Either choose a student to write in the information about the day, year and weather or allow the first students who enter the room to complete these fill in tasks.

We hope these help save you time in the morning and engage your students!

You can download our free, editable Intermediate February Daily Welcome Messages here:
February Welcome

You will need to download the following KG Font: KG Love Somebody TWO

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Saturday 14th of December 2019

Love your morning messages and daily welcome messages - absolutely love your website, it has been so helpful and inspiring to a new teacher like me. Can the daily messages be in powerpoint so I can change the American spelling?

Jill & Cathy

Thursday 2nd of January 2020

Hi Sonya, The document is actually in PowerPoint, but we have sections of it locked so that it cannot be changed. Unfortunately when we unlock everything on lots of our resources we have found that some have been modified only slightly and then sold on TPT for a profit. As you can imagine, since our resources are meant to be free of charge and we don't ask for payment for them, that can become frustrating. We sincerely apologize and hope that you understand. Thank you!

Jay R.

Friday 8th of February 2019

You folks are awesome for creating this site and sharing your ideas...for free. Looking forward to exploring the site. Thank you.

Julie Shattles

Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

I am in love with your website and everything you offer to teachers. Your friendship has produced a beautiful thing. I have a comment and this is the only place which I found to leave it, so I hope it doesn't mess things up for you.

I wanted to point something out that you have not be aware of. I recently (today, actually) started the mystery unit you have set up for upper grades. We began with the vocabulary sort. Unfortunately, one of the words was missing a corresponding card with its definition. And one definition appears twice. I prefer when someone points out my "oops's" instead of ignoring them and I'm hoping that you do as well. The unit "Elements of a Mystery" is the one I am referring to. The card without a definition card is 'suspect' and the definition which is on their twice is the one for 'victim'-- 'The person the crime was committed against.' I don't know if you are able to change it or want to make a note of it. I just fixed my copied sets by putting the correct label over the duplicate. Thank you for everything. I love coming to your site and while I spend too much time here, every minute is well worth it. I can't wait to use your welcome messages starting in February. (I teach a 3/4 combo so I pull stuff for both grades and use it with the whole class.) Warmest regards, Julie