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Meet the Teacher Event

Meet the Teacher Printables

Meet the Teacher night in our district is typically pretty laid back and doesn’t involve any formal teacher presentations.  Students and their families find their classrooms, meet the teacher, drop off their school supplies and take a look around the room.  Here we have provided some forms you may wish to put out so that you can get some information about your students quickly.  Parents can fill out the documents while they are visiting and leave them with you, or they can take the forms home and return them with their child on the first day of school.  In addition to meeting your students and gathering a little bit of information, you may also choose to have a few activities for the students and families as they walk around your room.

Sign-In Sheet – Make sure you have a record of who attended your Meet the Teacher night.

Volunteer Preferences -We want to make sure we give parents opportunities to help out throughout the year, but we want to make sure to give them options that fit their comfort level.  This form allows them to share with you just how they would like to help.  Building good relationships with parents leads to better communication and giving them options for how they can be a part of your classroom is important!

“My name is ___________.  I like to be called ____________.”

Parent Contact Information – This form calls for every parents’ information and since many times that involves more than one phone number and/or e-mail, this page will provide you with them all.  Use it to immediately create a an e-mail group for future whole class communications.

Student Information – Find out important information about your students before you begin your year.  Although parents fill out similar information when they register their child, many times that information doesn’t get to you quickly enough, if at all. This form also asks for parents’ thoughts on strengths and challenges as well as hobbies and extracurricular activities.

Treats – Here are two ideas for treats you can give your new students on Meet the Teacher night.

Hershey Bar Wrappers for Back to SchoolHershey Bar Wrapper Print in color and attach to a Hershey bar.






Starburst Treat Toppers for Back to School  Starburst Toppers Print in color and attach to small bags of Starbursts.






How else do you welcome students to your classroom as they meet you for the first time?  Let us know your ideas!!