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4 In a Row Math Fact Review Games

4 in a row multiplication gameWe have created these board games to be a go-to math center for math fact review.  We have two versions so your students (or you) can pick which version fits their needs and your classroom materials


Students will need two dice or a deck of playing cards (remove all cards that are not 1 -6 for version 1, all cards that are not 1-10 for version 2.)  They will also need markers – each player needs their own.  We suggested using bingo chips or lima beans that have been spray painted on one side.  On their turn, students roll two dice or flip over two cards.  They perform the operation and cover the answer with a chip.  Play continues until the first person gets four in a row.

Multiplication Board Multiples of 1 – 6

Multiplication Board Multiplies of 1 – 10

For those students needing addition and subtraction practice, please check out our post on our sister site:  Addition & Subtraction 4 In a Row

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