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Order of Operations Task Cards

Use these order of operations task cards for a math center activity or as a SCOOT game.
Order of Operations FREE task cards & recording pages from The Curriculum Corner | 5th Grade Math | CentersYou can download this free order of operations set by clicking on the bold, blue words at the bottom of this post.

These cards are designed to be used with students who have been taught the correct order of operations.  They are meant to be a practice or review activity.

This order of operations task cards set has 28 cards.  Also included are an assortment of recording sheets so you can modify the assignment as needed for different students.  At the top of each page is a place for students to record their assigned task.  For example, some students might complete all of the odds for a sampling of tasks.  Other students might be focusing on a specific skill and be assigned to complete the first four task cards.

When using as a SCOOT game, have kids number a piece of paper from one through 28.  Place a card at each student’s spot.  Students complete the card at their spot.  Give a set amount of time and then announce SCOOT. Children rotate in the predetermined direction and complete the next task. This not only gives students practice with order of operations tasks, it also get them up and moving a bit during math class.

Order Operations Green Task Cards

Order of Operations Task Cards FREE from The Curriculum Corner

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