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The Scientific Method Anchor Chart & Penny Experiment

The Scientific Method Anchor Chart, Penny Lab & Recording Page by The Curriculum Corner & VariQuestWe are very excited to announce a new partnership with VariQuest Visual Learning Tools!  Hopefully VariQuest is the company responsible for producing your school’s poster maker.   Besides the classroom tools available for you to purchase, VariQuest also has a very helpful blog which you can find here:  VariQuest’s Blog.   Their blog is full of great tips for teachers, headlines in education and now… resources designed by The Curriculum Corner just for VariQuest.  So that all of our followers will be able to find these resources easily, we will be sharing these resources on our site as well.  For each resource shared by VariQuest, we will be creating a preview of the materials on our site along with a short summary.  We will include the link to the resources on their blog so that it will be easy for you to download the materials.  All of the resources we create for them will include the CCSS addressed.  Of course, if you are an administrator who is looking for an amazing poster maker, let us know and we will be sure to help you connect with someone at VariQuest!

The Scientific Method Anchor Chart, Penny Lab & Recording Page can be found here:  THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD.  The anchor chart is great for enlarging and hanging on your classroom wall, or project the image on your smartboard.  The lab is a simple, beginning lab that can be used to help students understand the steps of the scientific method.


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