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Vocabulary Word of the Day Round-Up

This vocabulary word of the day collection will provide teachers with a daily vocabulary word for word work.
This vocabulary word of the day collection will provide teachers with a daily vocabulary word for word work.
We have a collection of posts that contain vocabulary words along with resources. The collection includes 9 sets. Each set contains 5 words.

You could use these each day for a grading period/quarter, display them in your room and then have students share with the class when they find them in the context of real reading throughout the year.

Another idea is to spread the words out and focus on only a few words each week.

You could also choose to display the entire list and let students organically find them in their reading to bring up for class discussion and learning.  Either way, these are meant simply to be used as a way to expand students’ vocabulary.

Each set includes word and vocabulary cards along with a word map and assessment page.

Here we have combined links to all of those posts so that you have a collection of 45 words to use in your room for Word of the Day activities or other ideas.

Word Set 1 – (obstacle, bland, duration, jubilation, thwart)

Word Set 2 – (ferocious, budge, aroma, rouse, voyage)

Word Set 3 – (depart, crevice, feeble, soar, proclaim)

Word Set 4 – (notable, spectator, reluctant, protrude, minor)

Word Set 5 – (mimic, accurate, compensate, seldom, lurch)

Word Set 6 – (accommodate, boisterous, hoist, meager, somber)

Word Set 7 – (evident, expand, flimsy, frigid and optimist)

Word Set 8 – (dense, prohibit, proceed, exasperate and conceal)

Word Set 9 – (bungle, convince, encounter, negotiate and transform)

Robin Ekpunobi

Saturday 9th of May 2020

Where did get the hocabulary list from? Thanks, Robin

Jill & Cathy

Friday 15th of May 2020

Hi Robin, The lists are fairly random sets of vocabulary words that we chose and felt would benefit intermediate students. We didn't use a specific list that was found elsewhere. Thanks for your question!

Nonfiction Vocabulary Work - The Curriculum Corner 123

Wednesday 27th of March 2019

[…] Vocabulary Word of the Day Set […]

Trish Carino

Monday 4th of June 2018

These word sets are really great! If possible, could you provide a link to download each set in its entirety, instead of each piece? Thank you so much for all your resources!