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Who Am I?

Who am I?Review paragraph writing and give your students the opportunity to learn about their classmates with this back-to-school activity.  Modeling for the class, write a paragraph telling about yourself.  As you write, point out the main idea or introduction and then write three detail sentences about yourself.  End with a conclusion.

Here is our example paragraph:

I am a fifth grade teacher at Cactus Elementary.  I went to college at Purdue University and have been teaching for 8 years.  I am married and have a son and daughter.  I love books and read all of the Harry Potter books over the summer.  I am excited about a great year!

You will need to remind students not to use their name in their paragraph.  When finished, we like the idea of hanging the paragraphs on a bulletin board.  Take each student’s picture and print them.  Put a folder with the pictures by the paragraphs.  As a morning activity, have students match the pictures with each student.  This is also a great diplay for your open house.  Keep the writing sample to add to your student portfolios.

We have created a writing page for your students to use:   Who Am I?