Skip Counting by 2s, 5s & 10s

These centers and activities are designed to help teach counting by 2s, 5s and 1os.

These activities address Common Core standards 2.NBT.A.2.  You will also find that some of center activities are appropriate for kindergarten and first grade students.






Each set of cards contains a different color of font for easy sorting.  You just print in color and laminate.  Have students put the numbers in order.

Counting by 2s     Counting by 5s     Counting by 10s



These mats are designed with blank boxes for students to place the number cards in.  Print, laminate and cut the numbers.

2s Counting Mat     5s Counting Mat     10s Counting Mat



Students complete the pattern and fill in the rule.  Print in color and laminate for an easy center.

Rule 1     Rule 2     Rule 3

Rule 4     Rule 5     Rule 6  (4, 5 & 6 contain numbers in the 100s)


Print and laminate for a fun class game.  The first card of the set contains a star.  There are 30 cards in this set.

I Have, Who Has?



Printable Practice Page 1      Printable Practice Page 2 (includes rules with addition and subtraction)




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  • SuAnna May 10, 2015, 7:41 am

    Thanks very much for sharing these. I look forward to using them with my students.