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Printable Number Cards (0-100)

Choose one of these sets of printable number cards for display in your classroom or for many other practice purposes.

Choose one of these sets of printable number cards for display in your classroom or for many other practice purposes. Free from The Curriculum Corner

You will find links to all of our sets in BOLD lettering at the bottom of this post.

We have created these 8 1/2 x 11 printable number cards for various uses in your classroom.

Recently we were asked to expand one of our number card sets so that it reached 100.  We decided to not only honor that request but also to provide other options for teachers who may have similar needs.

Some teachers use these cards for display purposes and would like to have a set that matches their classroom decor.  We have created eight different sets with various colored borders, PLUS a simple black and white set.

Our sets of printable number cards go from to 0 to 100, and also include math symbols for use in classroom activities.

Print and laminate the cards you wish to display.  If computer ink is a concern, consider printing them in black and white and mounting them on colorful paper before laminating them.

Ideas for Classroom Display:

  • Place the cards 0 to 10 (by ones) or 0 to 100 (by tens) along the top of one of your classroom walls.  Students can use the display to help them with number line activities or even for rounding numbers.
  • Make these cards part of your everyday calendar activities, starting with Day 1 of the school year.  Each day have the new number card ready to show what numbered day of the school year it is.  Have individual students think of ways to represent each number and write their idea on the card around the numeral.  (Be sure the cards are laminated and that students are using a writing tool that can be wiped off or erased in case they make a mistake.)  For example, for the number 12 students might represent the numeral in word form, with tally marks, by drawing base ten blocks, by placing 12 stickers on the card, using dice faces, etc.
  • We know that many teachers choose to hold a 100th day of school celebration of some kind.  As an extension of the calendar activity, add these cards (with all of the students’ numeral representations) day by day around your room as you count up, and provide a visual, to show how close the 100th day of school is to the present day.

Ideas for Practice Activities:

  • Number Line – There are several number line activities you can do with these cards that get students up and moving.  In early grades you can pass out numbers 1 through 10 and have those students put themselves in order.  Another idea is to put up the tens, from 0 to 100, on a wall or around the room.  Then pass out other random numbers from the set to each student.  Their job is to find their place on the room-sized number line.
  • Number Order – Divide your class into small groups.  Randomly pass out number cards to the group members.  The task is to put their cards in order from least to greatest or greatest to least.
  • Rounding – Take the number line activity a step further by placing two tens  on opposite ends of a board or wall.  Pass out all the numbers in between to nine of your students and have them go stand next to the ten that their number would round to.  As an extension, place all the tens around the room.  Pass out random numbers from the rest of the cards to all your students.  Have students move to the ten that they believe their number rounds to and then discuss the choices.
  • Odd/Even Sort – Pass out random numbers to all students.  Have them stand on one side of the room if their number is even and the other side if their number is odd.
  • Math Facts – For this activity you will need multiple sets of the numbers between 0 and 10 (maybe 12 depending on your standards).  You may also need to print a few extra of some of the higher numbers that serve as the same answer to many multiplication facts.   (The point is to be sure you have both factors and their products for several multiplication problems.)  Randomly pass out the numbers to your students.  Their task is to find two other students with numbers that would work together to serve as a multiplication fact.  (Remember that if the number of students in your class isn’t a multiple of three, then you will need to take a number or two yourself.)
  • Number Comparisons – Divide your class into thirds.  Give 1/3 of them the “greater than” or “less than” cards.  (You will need to print several, keeping in mind that these cards can be used in either direction.  They can simply turn the card upside down to change the intent of the symbol.)  Pass out random number cards to the rest of the class.   The task is to find others in the classroom to complete a number comparison equation.
  • Skip Counting – Again you may need more than one copy of some of the number cards for this activity.  Randomly pass out multiples to students.  Their task is to try to find other numbers to help them skip count by 2s, 3s, 4s, etc.

You can download the color set of your choice by clicking on the link below:

Number Card Set – Red

Number Card Set – Orange

Number Card Set – Yellow

Number Card Set – Green

Number Card Set – Blue

Number Card Set – Purple

Number Card Set – Pink

Number Card Set – Black & Gray

Number Card Set – Simple Black & White






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