Word Work Resources for Small Groups

We always try to implement a short word work lesson during our small group instruction in reading.  It can sometimes be difficult to create new resources each week for each of your different leveled groups that go with the story being read or the concept being emphasized.    We have created these resources to be [...]

Main Idea in Informational Text (Small Group)

We have had some requests for specific skill activities that are more hands-on in nature to be used during small guided reading groups.  This set of resources focuses on helping students to understand the concept of a main idea and details in writing.  The activities vary in difficulty - some involving pictures or objects and [...]

Teaching Kids to Support Claims with Evidence

Claim & Evidence Cards  Claim & Evidence Mini-Lesson The blue cards are designed to be used as a part of your mini-lesson. We have created a claim: Our class is the greatest. To accompany this claim, we have made an assortment of smaller cards. Some of these are written to be evidence to support the [...]

Spencer & Rocky Reading Activities

I'm very excited to share my first published book with our followers at The Curriculum Corner!  This book evolved from a pet rock my youngest son Spencer "adopted" when he was 4.  Since that time, Rocky has accompanied us on vacation, gone to the pool and even gone on walks on a leash.  My son, Spencer, is [...]

The Mitten

Welcome to The Curriculum Corner's Corner Spotlight.   We are currently featuring Sarah Tharpe Winchell from www.idreamoffirstgrade.blogspot.com.  She has created a great collection of activities to accompany your classroom study of The Mitten by Jan Brett.  Stop by her blog and thank her for providing these amazing resources! You will find the collection of activities here:  [...]

Planning Day 5 of Small Group Instruction

This is the fifth of five posts on planning small group instruction.  If you've missed the others, you can find them here: http://www.thecurriculumcorner.com/2012/09/24/planning-day-1-of-small-group-instruction/ http://www.thecurriculumcorner.com/2012/09/30/planning-day-2-of-small-group-instruction/ http://www.thecurriculumcorner.com/2012/10/03/planning-day-3-of-small-group-instruction/ http://www.thecurriculumcorner.com/2012/10/03/planning-day-4-of-small-group-instruction/ The final day of small group instruction is used to work on word skills.  These skills might include phonics and word patterns.  Some weeks I use this final day [...]

Planning Day 4 of Small Group Instruction

This is the fourth of five posts.  If you've missed the others, you will find them here... http://www.thecurriculumcorner.com/2012/09/24/planning-day-1-of-small-group-instruction/ http://www.thecurriculumcorner.com/2012/09/30/planning-day-2-of-small-group-instruction/ http://www.thecurriculumcorner.com/2012/10/03/planning-day-3-of-small-group-instruction/ Your kids have explored new words, read the book and worked on comprehension skills.  Now it is time to practice writing in response to reading skills.  We have created a collection of possible activities to [...]

Planning Day 3 of Small Group Instruction

This is the third of five posts.  If you skipped the first two days, you can find them here... http://www.thecurriculumcorner.com/2012/09/24/planning-day-1-of-small-group-instruction/ http://www.thecurriculumcorner.com/2012/09/30/planning-day-2-of-small-group-instruction/ Your kids have explored new words and read the text.  Now it is time to work on comprehension strategies.  There are an endless amount of ways to do this.  One idea we suggest is [...]

Planning Day 2 of Small Group Instruction

Once children have been exposed to the new words in the text they are reading and are familiar with vocabulary words, they are ready to read the book.  If you haven't worked on preloading words, you will find our suggestions here:  http://www.thecurriculumcorner.com/2012/09/24/planning-day-1-of-small-group-instruction/ There are many ways you might choose to read the book together.  Here [...]

Planning Day 1 of Small Group Instruction

You know your children's instructional reading level, you have placed your students into groups and chosen books for each group....now what!?!  It's time to plan your instruction for each group, for each day of the week.  We have created a planning sheet here:  http://www.thecurriculumcorner.com/2012/05/22/literacy-center-planning-sheet/.  This sheet is designed to be printed for each group.  Complete [...]

Grouping for Small Group Instruction

Planning your small group literacy instruction can be overwhelming when you begin teaching.  Here we have put together a step-by-step guide to help you get started   If you're new at this, one book we reccomend is Making the Most of Small Groups: Differentiation for All by Debbie Diller.  (Click on the blue title to purchase through [...]

Running Records

Running records are a one-on-one assessment done with students.  They are used to track student progress in reading.  It is a good idea to complete a baseline assessment the first few weeks of school.  Some teachers like to copy a page out of a book so that they can mark directly on the text as [...]

Small Group Instruction Planning Sheet

This planning sheet provides a guide for your small group instruction.  Includes suggestions for four days of instruction and a recording spot for running record results.  Also has a place to record student observations throughout the week. Planning Sheet  Use this sheet if you like to have one planning sheet for each small group.