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1st Grade Geometry

If you are getting ready to teach 1st Grade Geometry, this free collection of resources has everything you will need.

1st Grade Geometry Resources FREE from The Curriculum Corner

This post contains several resources addressing 1st Grade Geometry standards.
We have provided the resources in two different links, one for 2-dimensional shapes and the other for 3-dimensional shapes.  Short descriptions of each resource are provided, but most of them can be used for direct teaching, small guided groups, math centers and independent practice.  You decide how best to use each resource with your students to teach the concepts.

You can download this complete, free collection by clicking on the bold links at the bottom of this post.

1st Grade Geometry Resources FREE from The Curriculum Corner

Descriptions of Resources Included:
 Anchor Charts – 2-D and 3-D shapes and names are provided to display in your room.  An additional 2-D anchor chart has circles and rectangles divided into halves and quarters (fourths) to show equal shares.


1st Grade Geometry Resources FREE from The Curriculum Corner

Sorting Cards – These cards can be used for many different activities.  The 2-D cards contain pictures of five standard shapes (circle, rectangle, square, triangle & trapezoid) along with several cards containing various attributes of those five shapes.  Student can sort these into columns in a math center or you could also use them for small guided math group.  (Put all the cards out and tell everyone to find a different attribute of a shape that you call out.)  You could also pull out specific cards to create a simple match game or activity.  The 3-D version of these cards contains shapes in the environment and can be used with similar activities.


1st Grade Geometry Resources FREE from The Curriculum Corner

2-D Shape Attribute Task Cards – This set of 12 task cards gives students attributes and they are asked to draw the shape that matches.  This resource also includes a recording sheet for students so that you can see if they were able to complete the tasks.


Composing Shapes Task Cards & Booklet – This set of 12 task cards requires students to combine two shapes to create a new composite shape.  They are asked to record the number of the task card and trace their composite shapes inside the pages of a booklet.
**It would be difficult for students to draw composite shapes they have created with 3-dimensional shapes, so we suggest perhaps having students build new shapes with 3-D blocks and then you can take a picture and print it out for them.  Then the students can label the various shapes on the picture and write about the new shape they have built.  Another ideas is to have students use Play-doh or something similar to create 3-D composite shapes.  (Let us know if you can think of other activities for composing new 3-D shapes!!)


 1st Grade Geometry Resources FREE from The Curriculum Corner
4 in a Row Game – This game has a board that shows black and white shapes.  Each student draws a card and then colors in a shape on the board that fits the description on the card.  Whoever is able to color four in a row first is the winner.  Both 2-D and 3-D versions of this game have been created.
1st Grade Geometry Resources FREE from The Curriculum Corner
All About Shapes Booklet – These simple booklets contain pages for each shape.   For the 2-D booklet, students have to draw the shapes, and write in how many sides, angles and corners each shape has.
For the 3-D booklet, students will need to circle the correct shape from a group and then write how many faces, edges and vertices the shape has.
1st Grade Geometry Resources FREE from The Curriculum Corner
Shape Hunt – This activity has them looking for various shapes in their environment.  This can be used in the classroom or sent home for students to complete with parents.
1st Grade Geometry Resources FREE from The Curriculum Corner
Equal Shares Interactive Notebook Inserts – These inserts are meant to help students understand the concepts equal shares with halves and quarters/fourths.  The shapes are to be cut out and folder first, and then glued into notebooks.  Then the equal shares can be labeled.

You can download these free, 1st grade geometry resources here:

2-Dimensional Shape Resources 

 3-Dimensional Shape Resources

Distinguish between defining attributes (e.g., triangles are closed and three-sided) versus non-defining attributes (e.g., color, orientation, overall size); build and draw shapes to possess defining attributes.
Compose two-dimensional shapes (rectangles, squares, trapezoids, triangles, half-circles, and quarter-circles) or three-dimensional shapes (cubes, right rectangular prisms, right circular cones, and right circular cylinders) to create a composite shape, and compose new shapes from the composite shape.1
Partition circles and rectangles into two and four equal shares, describe the shares using the words halves, fourths, and quarters, and use the phrases half of, fourth of, andquarter of. Describe the whole as two of, or four of the shares. Understand for these examples that decomposing into more equal shares creates smaller shares.
Thank you to Molly Tillyer for the geometry clip art!
These books might make a good addition to your classroom library. Contain affiliate links:

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