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Book Study: We Are Grateful

We Are Grateful by Traci Sorell is a book that encourages children to look at the Cherokee word Ostsalihega used to express gratitude. 

We Are Grateful

This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

We Are Grateful allows children to learn about the Cherokee people and their customs through the writing of Traci Sorell. Children will also enjoy the pictures by Frane Lessac.

This book takes readers through a year with a Cherokee family highlighting what the people have to be thankful for each season.

Children will learn about traditions that have been passed through families over the years. The definitions found at the end of the book provide readers with more meaning behind events touched on in the story.

We suggest adding this book to your November collection.

This literacy set focuses on exploring the text. Students will be encouraged to dig into the text along with thinking about the feelings of the girl. There will also be opportunities for visualizing and making connections. 

We Are Grateful

Within our We Are Grateful collection you will find the following resources:

Otsahileliga Anchor Chart 

Print as a poster and have students add something they are grateful for. Instead of printing, you might choose to display on your smartboard. 

Task Cards

This collection of 10 cards can be used to guide your literacy centers. Choose the activities that meet the needs of your students. Some of these task cards can be used to accompany other resources you will find in the download.

Matching Words

We pulled eight words out of the text. Students can practice these words by matching the words with the synonym of definition. 

Understanding the Text

The eight question cards you will find are designed to help students dig into the text. They are written to help your students think about what they have read.

Book Searches

These five bookmarks can be used to help students mark specific spots in the text. 


Children will draw what they picture as they read. These ideas can also be used as prompts to lead group discussions.

Making Connections

If students need direction you might encourage them to think about Thanksgiving or family traditions.

Other Lined Pages

Use the remaining pages as they fit into your classroom. Some are directed while others are more open ended.

You can download your free We Are Grateful set here:
Book Study

If you are looking to purchase the book, you can find it below (contains affiliate link):