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Weather Facts: Did You Know?

Use our Did You Know? weather facts as an engaging display and/or discussion for your students. This set of 12 free weather facts is designed to be shared once a week on your smart board throughout the spring and early summer seasons.

Did you know weather facts

These “Did You Know?” weather facts can be used in various ways in your classroom. 

We have created this set of twelve Did You Know? weather facts as something to spark interest with your students, but you might also use them as:

  • an engaging piece of text for students to read & talk about to start their day 
  • a springboard for a science or experiment or short research project to attempt to prove/disprove a fact
  • a launch or anticipatory set for a science unit of study
  • a spark for a discussion or debate on a current event

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You can download all of our free “Did You Know?” weather facts here:

Did You Know? Facts About Weather

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Wednesday 14th of August 2019

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