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Valentine Hundreds Chart Puzzles

This set of FREE Valentine hundreds chart puzzles will give your students number sense practice within 100.

We have created these valentine puzzle cards to help your students with practicing patterns on a hundreds chart.

There are two ways to use these puzzles – as a math center or as a Scoot game.

To prepare for a math center:

  1. Print the Valentine puzzle cards on card stock.
  2. Laminate the cards for durability and cut them apart.
  3. Place the cards in a basket or envelope for use at your math center.
  4. Provide dry erase markers and cloths for erasing.
  5. OPTIONAL:  Print and laminate the answer key cards for students to self-check.

To add some differentiation and support for those students who might need it, place a completed hundreds chart at the math center.  Be sure to specify if students should or should not be using the chart to help them complete the puzzles and/or check their work (instead of using the answer key provided).

To prepare for a Scoot game:

  1. Print the Valentine puzzle cards on card stock.
  2. Laminate the cards for durability and cut them apart.
  3. Print off a class set of the Scoot game recording pages for students to write their answers (4 total if you have students do all 24 problems.)
  4. Place each card at a different location in the classroom.  You can lay them at seats/tables or attach them to walls and have students move about the room with a clipboard.
  5. Use the answer key to check student work.

Two pages have also been included for practice or assessment purposes.  Each page contains six puzzles for students to complete.

Want a simple exit ticket to check for understanding?  Simply print the cards in black and white on regular paper. Cut them apart and give one to each student.  They can write their names on the back and then you have exit tickets to assess progress!

These are intended to be a free resource for teachers and parents. You may print and copy for your personal classroom use.  You may not sell or modify/sell in any manner. Please feel free to link directly to this blog post and share with your colleagues!  It is against our terms of use to link directly to the PDF.

You can download these free hundreds chart puzzles here:
Valentine Puzzles

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