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Snowy Day Scrambled Sentences

Download these free Snowy Day Scrambled Sentences for an engaging winter literacy center.

Snowy Day Scrambled Sentences

This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

Our Snowy Day Scrambled Sentences will help you assemble a new literacy center this winter.

Looking for a new way to engage your students during your literacy centers?
Try these winter themed sentences! 

How to Assemble your Snowy Day Scrambled Sentences

  1. Print on card stock
  2. Laminate the pages for durability
  3. Cut apart and place in envelopes or small tubs
  4. Place at a center with recording pages

These free literacy center cards can be a great addition to your winter reading practice. You might also choose to use them during your writing workshop.

You will find that these cards are written to tell a story. Each sentence set will be coded with matching pictures. We know that students can sometimes mix up sentences and this will make for easy sorting. 

Along with the sentence cards, you will find a couple of options for recording sentences. Students can record on a page with lines.

Or, you can use the booklet we are providing. Students can write the sentences in an order that makes sense and then illustrate each sentence. This can be a fun way for students to create their own book with a little support. 

If writing the sentences will be a challenge for your sentences, you could allow your students to document their learning by taking a picture with their tablet. 

Snowy Day Scrambled Sentences

Download these Snowy Day Scrambled Sentences here:

Literacy Center

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