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Addition w/ Regrouping Practice Pages

These free addition with regrouping practice pages from The Curriculum Corner will help your students review a range of addition skills.

Free Addition with Regrouping Worksheets

This is another free resource for busy teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

Please be sure to share your requests in the comments below. We are always looking for great, new ideas to help us grow our collection of freebies for teachers! 

Have you been working on addition with regrouping and need a set of pages available for student review? Look no more! Below you will find a free set of addition with regrouping practice pages! 

Along with being useful in the classroom, these could also be a good resource for parents looking to review math skills with their children over the summer.

We have created a collection of 20 pages for addition practice. 

This set contains a range of addition with regrouping problems – from two-digit addition to adding six-digit numbers. You will also find sets for adding three numbers. 

Addition with Regrouping Worksheets free from The Curriculum Corner

Along with an assortment of practice pages, we have also included an answer key for each page. 

Looking to turn these into a reusable center? Print on card stock and laminate. Students can then solve using a dry or wet erase marker. Provide the answer key so they can self check at the end.

Our hope in creating a range of practice pages all in one set is that you will be able to quickly find the just right page for each of your students. 

You can download this free collection of addition with regrouping worksheets here:
Addition Pages

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As always, this is another free resource for teachers. You are welcome to share in your own classroom. You do not have permission to sell or modify and sell these resources in any form. Please help us keep our resources free by following our guidelines!



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