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Ocean Division Match (many skills)

These ocean division match sets are designed to help you create division centers for a range of division skills.

Ocean Division Match Centers

This collection of math centers is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

We have created this set of ocean themed division math sets to help you create math centers to fit your classroom theme or current ocean focus. 

This collection can be used to easily differentiate practice for your students.

We have created four different sets.

You will find card sets for the following skills:

  • division facts 
  • 1-digit division / no remainders
  • 1-digit division / remainders
  • 2-digit division / with and without remainders

We have color coded the borders on each card set for easy sorting. We know no matter how careful students are, cards always end up getting in the wrong spot! The color coding will make it easier for you to sort. 

To create your centers, print the sets that fit your students on card stock. We suggest laminating for durability. Cut out your centers and place in your favorite center storage containers.

Looking for these to be self-checking? One option is to write the answer to each problem on the back.

We like these containers if you are looking for a great way to store your cards (contains affiliate link):


For students to complete the division activities:

Students will lay out the math problems. As they solve each problem, they need to place the answer card on top of the correct card. For some versions, you will find that students will need dry erase boards and markers to solve the problems.

We have decided to provide these centers in separate downloads so you can print just the sets that fit your students.

Ocean Division Match Centers

You can download these ocean division match centers here:

basic division facts

dividing by 1-digit

dividing by 1-digit w/ remainders

dividing by 2-digits

If you are looking for covers for your center boxes or baggies, we have created titles for each of the four card sets. You can download one page that contains all four headings here: 

Division Set Headings

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