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I Have, Who Has Multiplication & Division

Use this I Have, Who Has facts class game to give students practice reviewing multiplication and division facts.

I Have, Who Has Facts Class Game for multiplication and division FREE from The Curriculum Corner

The free download can be found by clicking on the bold, blue words towards the bottom of this post.

Use this as a time filler and review of basic facts in your classroom.  I have, who has games are great, meaningful time fillers that give students practice reading aloud for the class to hear and require students to practice their listening skills.

Use when you have just a few minutes or before dismissal to keep your students engaged and learning every minute of the day.  Hand out the cards and choose one student to start.   The student reads the card and the student with the answer to their problem then reads theirs.  The game continues until the class gets back to the first student.  This set contains 30 cards.  If there are extras, you can choose to give some students more than one.

You can also have students play in a small group as a card game.  Divide the cards evenly between the group and students must look through all of their cards as they play.

You can download this free game here: I Have, Who Has

As an extension at a math center, have students create their own I have, who has games for a new facts class game.  This requires students to practice the math skill and also involves problem solving and organization because students have to make sure problems are not repeated and they go in order.


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